Museum Photography Services

What can you expect from me?

  • Innovative photography to engage visitors​​

  • Careful  working practices to protect valuable objects

  • I carry out work on your premises so items stay secure within the museum 

  • Archival quality images ready for Google Arts and Culture

  • Fully insured public liability up to £1,000,000

  • Macro photography, high resolution image production, and 360 degree images.

Pricing from as little as £200 per day

Immense Insects Exhibition

Leeds City Museum - September-November 2021

A full exhibition produced for Leeds City Museum using ultra macro photography of the Leeds Museum Entomology Collection. I worked closely with curators to develop a vision for the display.

Images were taken at ultra-high resolutions and then printed 3 metres wide, to allow visitors to walk right up to and explore the details of these tiny creatures. 


Funded by a Royal Entomological Society Goodman Award

High Resolution Animations

Animations were also on show alongside the printed images to engage visitors with footage showing them objects from a different perspective. 

Interactive Elements

Zoom in to see the detail 

What shall I wear - Lotherton Hall

Stills photography, videos and 360 interactive elements for a combined physical and online exhibition.


Have objects you would like photographed in new AND engaging ways?