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Online Exhibition Photography,
Animations & Interactive Elements

360 Degree Object Imaging

A series of 360 degree images of parasols produced for Leeds Museums in partnership with York University, December 2022. 

I am able to produce up to 10-15 smooth and high quality 360 degree images like this per day of photography using newly developed methods.

Although it can't be manipulated in quite the same way as 3D models from photogrammetry, currently this method of photography is much more efficient and produces a higher quality image.

Novel 360 photography methods to produce videos and interactive elements for use both in physical and online exhibitions. 

Images can be converted into interactive online elements that allow the visitor to manipulate the object in real time. 

Example from Leeds Museum's Lotherton Hall Exhibition - What Shall I Wear (link to online exhibition). With 360 images loaded on tablets in the physical exhibition.

High resolution scanning and animations

Stitching images into panoramas to produce ultra-high resolution images

Videos and interactive zoomable elements for interactive online exhibitions. Using novel photography methods to capture extreme detail of objects both big and small. 

Combining this with voice over work produces engaging content for museums to utilise and draw in audiences across social media.

(Video right produced for Hullabaloo Festival Isle of Wight in Association with British Ecological Society)

This method can be applied to any object, and can also be used for interactive zoomable elements online and in person on tablets.

Image of a beadwork mirror (60cm*80cm) photographed at Lotherton Hall, in collaboration with Leeds Museums. 50 Image panorama. 

Video produced for an insect photography exhibition curated for Leeds City Museum in December 2021. Animations were played alongside the physical exhibition, and used on social channels. 

Supported by funding from the British Ecological Society and Royal Entomological Society

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